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saddle irritation on long distances Forum Index -> Cycling

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Joined: 23 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: 02/13/08 - 05:52    Post subject:
I enjoy long rides on my bike. When I am on it I get the feeling that time stand still and I keep riding on and on. It is really a great feeling. I don’t need a gas station or the money to fuel my machine. All it takes is some power in my legs. The problem is that I feel irritation in my groin after a long ride. What do you think about saddle irritation on long distances?
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PostPosted: 03/18/08 - 23:46    Post subject:
Yeah, I know what you mean…It happens to me too. I sometimes lose track of time when I am riding. It is wonderful to drift away not only on your bike but also in your mind. There is nothing as relaxing and soothing (except for your groin maybe). That brings me back to your question. Your (or anybody else’s groin) is a sensitive area of man’s body. It was not designed to be squashed or crammed or pressed for a long time. So sitting on a hard, uncomfortable saddle is unnatural. Therefore you feel discomfort and irritation. Should we refrain from riding the bike? I don’t think so. At least I am not going to. What we can do is to find a good, nice saddle that won’t irritate and cause any discomfort or pain. There are many types and shapes of saddles. I am sure that you will find a right one.
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