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PostPosted: 05/11/05 - 15:45    Post subject: event wise
well it's the most accurate place i could figure to place this.

This weekend my Club is hosting an event on the Silver Comet Path ( a rails to trails path)

As being the head of Skate Patrol i of course am taked with safety aspects. As being most of these folks are experienced skaters the protection gear goes without saying. the event requires it anyway.
I have one of our patrollers who is a physician sending us a refresher on de-hydration and hyponatremia. i figure a first aid kit of 4x4, pantyhose, and antibiotic ointment. I have a list already dispersed of each participant (27 including patrollers) with emergency contacts.

i plan on having the phone # for the SAG vehicle and the organizers (i actually probably have them in my phone) water will be provided by the organizers as well as water fountains on the PATH itself.

what am i missing?
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PostPosted: 05/11/05 - 20:15    Post subject:
Do you cross any roads? If you do, you may want signs warning drivers.

I'd still say something about wearing protective items. If anything it's a cover your butt thing.

Maybe a rules meeting beforehand. For triathlons, they always have a rule meeting before the race.
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