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double RR: 5K PR + olympic triathlon with hardware Forum Index -> Training Tales and Race Reflections

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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 08:47    Post subject: double RR: 5K PR + olympic triathlon with hardware
8/5 Heat Buster 5K
Left work to drive to Hamilton Township, NJ for my last summer race, the Heat Buster 5K. I wanted to redeem myself from last Saturday's disastrous 5M race, and just to run as I've been sick since (only one day since then). Really wanted to end on a PR. Thought I could, since the temperature had dropped from the 90s to 71; felt cool and breezy at the start despite 68% humidity. Someone close to me really upset me today, and that proved to be the fire I needed to get me through the rough spots of this race that benefitted the YMCA.

Since my MP3 player decided to die last night, I picked one up on the way to the race. I had dusted off and brought my old sports Discman to this headphones-friendly race, only to discover it didn't work. I spent a half hour trying to open the stupid MP3 thick plastic package; ended up slicing it with a window keypunch tool meh. Forced to listen to FM radio (but certainly better than my own horrid breathing patterns). At packet pickup, where I received the hugest size medium, brightest orange t-shirt I've ever seen (think construction worker orange!), I was very distraught to discover that I was assigned bib #13. OH NO! Cursed I am, CURSED. Wore new shorts - shorty bike shorts that ended up being like bunhuggers during the race Shocked . Weird feeling, but surprisingly comfortable. It felt almost like I was wearing nothing .... Very Happy

Horn went off at 7pm. This course followed much of the 5M course I ran on New Year's Day where I received my first PR this year. Smooth sliding along, wide strides and huffing and puffing, pretty much downhill for the first mile. Hit mile 1 in 9:16, my fastest mile EVER. Smiled. Mile 2 was rolling small up and downs. During some of the up portions I thought of my friend and turned my anger into resolve. Hit the mile marker in 9:28. Smiled bigger. Jockeyed positions during mile 3 with Old Man Yellow, where I began cursing my friend a lot to get me up the hill (hey, what goes down during mile 1 must go up during mile 3 in an out-and-back). Hit the mile marker just behind him in 9:31. Smiled very big. Poured it on to pass him in the final .1 which I completed in 0:49.

Crossed the finish line with 29:04, beating my PR by 50 seconds, with a pace of 9:23. 111 of 132 runners, 4th in my age group. This is HUGE for me, because I hate 5Ks and rarely want to put in the effort to do one well. But that anger I felt turned out to be a blessing. Made me think of Metallica: Gimme fuel, gimme fire, gimme that which I desire! I shook Old Man Yellow's hand and thanked him for the competition that made me work harder to hang on. He smiled and said the same. I then won a prize! A picnic backpack, where in the mesh part on the top you can store your snacks, and then store your drinks in the insulated bottom. w00t! Then I went for a free dinner courtesy of a coupon in the goodie bag. Smile Washed it down with a well-deserved chocolate milkshake.

What a way to end summer racing season. 1 triathlon, 10 running races, a 5K and a 10K PR all while starting a huge marathon ramp up with a little tri training thrown in for good measure. A little olympic tri for fun on Sunday, then 3 weeks off until my crazy fall racing schedule starts. I can't wait to see what fall will bring.

8/8 Wilkes Barre Triathlon
olympic distance: 1.5K swim / 40K bike / 11K run

A little pick-up race for fun. Not very prepared, but managed to exceed my expectations. Figured I'd do 4 hours, later revised to 4:30 when I heard about and saw the course. Thought the swim was a half mile until 2 weeks before when I did the K calculation meh to discover it was .93 miles. Thought it was a 10K run, then discovered it was an 11K run, a week before. Discovered on race day that, as per the run coordinator, it was actually a 7.2M run. But I get ahead of myself ....

After The Behemoth in May I took a break from tri training. Since it was my primary focus for nearly 4 months, I ran for fun in June and did a sprint tri for fun where I rocked, and then in July started minimal half ironman training and began serious marathon training. Two weeks ago I biked 37 miles, figured good enough. For the last few weeks I've done a mile swim 2-3 times a week, figured I'd be OK. Drove up to Wilkes-Barre with TriBob on Saturday and attended prerace meeting. BAD IDEA, as I got really worked up, scared, and nervous. As we drove over to the T1 area to rack our bikes, I was uncharacteristically quiet. Very scared.

Woke up the next morning and I was a complete wreck. I'd managed about 1.5 hours of sleep, and kept having recurring nightmares that the seaweed in the lake was reaching up to pull me under the water. I have a paralyzing fear of lakes, and know since I'm in for IMLP I have to get over this irrational fear. Met TriBob in the lobby and was quiet. Drove over to the race finish area. Somebody had forgotten his chip, so I was temporarily distracted enough to talk. We went and set up T2, and then took a bus to the swim/T1 area. I could barely breathe, eyes wide open, staring at the very long swim on the lake when we got there. I was so freaked out I was sick to my stomach, and mad because I knew I was making myself sick over a stupid fear.

The whole time before the race I was sick. Lost breakfast and coffee an hour before. I was in the first swim wave, and knew it would be bad as I was shaking uncontrollably whilst standing on the beach. Horn goes off, I ran in the water and try to freestyle. I stick my face in the murky water and see seaweed floating up towards me. Panic attack! Could not stick my face back in the water. So I managed to backstroke and sidestroke the ENTIRE .93 of a mile swim, while sick. Finally my misery was over and I ran up the beach to T1, where I got my wetsuit off in 30 seconds and took a minute to sit and catch my breath. I couldn't get my helmet on to save my life, but couldn't touch my bike without it snapped. A USAT official couldn't help me, but walked me through where I needed to move my fingers to snap the helmet on. meh Off onto the bike.

THE HILLS! THE FREAKIN' HILLS! The first few miles were WHEEEE! downhill and then came some of the biggest hills I've seen since NYC. Made it up the first set, which shredded my legs. And I was still sick to my stomach, because I was breathing so hard from the climb and due to nervousness remaining from the swim. I walked up two others, dismayed but it allowed me to eat what I could and hydrate. I got knocked off my bike by a fellow rider who was passing me, unannounced and too close. I went right into a little roadside ditch. He didn't stop, but 3 other athletes did to see if I was OK. A little scared, a little bloody in the elbow, but I just climbed right back on. I hit the water station at mile 15, and was like w00ty w00t! Smooth sailing from here. On a couple bumpy downhills I lost both of my ClifShots and half my energy bites Evil or Very Mad . The bulk of the big hills were gone, so I gutted it out up a few more including the one leading to the dismount area. Really, whoever planned this course which many competitors said was difficult is a sadist beyond reproach. A little disappointed with the bike. Wanted 8 minutes less, but with the hills I truthfully hadn't trained for, I figure it's a wash. Overall pace great considering I walked a mile; my marathon legs definitely helped here.

T2 pretty quick. Downed 12oz of Gatorade, threw on the shoes, and was off. First mile down, mile 2 flat, then a big hill and a steady climb for the next 2 miles. Rolling hills for the rest. Ran the first two, and then walked up - SURPRISE!- more hills when I needed to while my times held pretty well. By mile 5 I was feeling great, and I crossed the finish line well within my goal with a huge smile on my face. An EMT grabbed me because I was bleeding and bandaged my elbow. I dove at the food table and grabbed a juicebox (but no Lunchables were there!) and a blue popsicle. Looked all over for my ride who I thought had ditched me, but who was instead putting in some extra miles on the bike. I kept screaming I didn't come in last! I didn't come in last! Collected gear, threw it in the car, and then had the best shower of my life (even if the water was freezing). I then discovered that I was a big winner, despite beating only 6 participants, having won 2nd Athena and some hardware to match! Very Happy Grabbed some deliciously decadent fast food on the way out of town, and then in great co-pilot style I slept nearly the whole way home Embarassed .

Stats: 3:56:07. HUGE considering my lack of preparation. Struggled at points, but never doubted I wouldn't finish strong. I shall try to break my fear of lakes in my next two tris, because the thought of doing a 2.4M backstroke in IMLP is daunting. But doing so well on the bike, less than 14 minutes behind my role model, makes me wonder how well I could do with actual training. I also managed to overtake people on both the bike, which I expected, and the run, which I didn't.

swim: 45:58 (272/281)
T1: 4:53
bike: 1:42:59 @ 14.6mph (277/281)
T2: 2:54
run: 1:19:23 @ 11:02 pace (10:36, 10:26, 11:40, 11:29, 11:03, 11:27, 12:46 [1.2]) (254/281 Very Happy )

Now 3 luxurious weeks off until crazy fall racing season begins!
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 09:05    Post subject:
Congrats on the 5K PR.

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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 09:22    Post subject:
Great job! Wonderful report! Congrats on the hardware! cheers
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 09:33    Post subject:
thumbs up that's all Razz
crazy cat lady
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 10:09    Post subject:
I'm exhausted reading that Tri report!!! Congrats on the PR and overcoming the nerves in the tri! cheers
The Movie Geek
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 10:31    Post subject:
Awesome pr, and i'm amazed by anyone who tri's
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 13:40    Post subject:
2 races in 1 week...that's impressive! Congrats on the PR! thumbs up
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PostPosted: 08/09/04 - 18:52    Post subject:
Killer Reports Elkid!!!

Great job on both races.

Now give your body a chance to recover some before you fall?? season starts.
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PostPosted: 08/10/04 - 13:10    Post subject:
Excellent job out there! Don't you just love doing tri's?
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