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The "enter" key doesn't work! Forum Index -> Riff-Raff Hang Out

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my boys could swim
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Joined: 14 May 2002
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PostPosted: 04/07/06 - 17:52    Post subject: The "enter" key doesn't work!
I'm spending the weekend at my friends. The enter key doesn't work on this computer. dunno It's really frustrating. I didn't know how much I used it.
Canadian Bacon
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Joined: 17 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: 04/07/06 - 17:56    Post subject:
maybe, just maybe it was tired of being USED and left? Di dyou ever think of that? HUH? DIDJA?

/ teehee
Puppy Love!
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Joined: 07 Jul 2002
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PostPosted: 04/07/06 - 18:19    Post subject:
The space bar on mine only works on one side. I need to get it fixed.
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