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Sad News: 2004 Olympic medalist Maria Cioncan died! Forum Index -> On-Topic

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PostPosted: 01/22/07 - 08:14    Post subject: Sad News: 2004 Olympic medalist Maria Cioncan died!
Maria Cioncan, the 1500m bronze medalist at the 2004 Athens Olympics, died on Saturday, 21 January, in a car accident in Bulgaria. She was 29 years-old.

She's been driving on her way home from a winter training camp in Greece, where she's been preparing for the European indoor season, where she was scheduled to compete in Moscow, Eaubonne, Gent, and Stockholm

Maria Cioncan was the seventh-fastest Romanian ever over the 1500m distance behind Paula Ivan, Doina Melinte, Gabriele Szabo, Maricica Puica, Natalia Marasescu, and Violeta Szekely. Her personal best time was 03:58.39.
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