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Aug 10, 2007

Motivational Tips for Beginning Runners

by elgerdh
Having trouble getting out the door?   Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated.   - Pick a goal.  A performance goal.  Maybe a race, or just a specific workout. that you are looking to improve on.  I recently met a woman that was so proud when she ran 30 minutes without stopping, I could tell something had really clicked with her.  She is hooked.  -Start slow.&nbs ...
Aug 08, 2007

Do Running Shoes Do More Harm Than Good?

by elgerdh
 There is no question that the running shoes today are far superior to anything we used back in the early 1970s. In those days there wasn’t much difference between brands in terms of shock absorption, stability, or motion control. Nike was one of the first to revolutionize the running shoe industry with Bill Bowerman's innovation called the “waffle” outersole.   Today, shoes are designed with specia ...
Aug 07, 2007

Conditioning for Runners: The Javorek Dumbell Complex

by elgerdh
Looking for a new way to improve your overall strength and endurance but can’t spend the money or time to join a gym? Here is a routine that you can do at home recommended to me by Al Sapa, a successful high school coach in Wisconsin who uses these exercises with his athletes. Al recommends Javorek Dumbell Complex Conditioning as a great weight-room alternative for distance runners in particular who may feel intimidated by weights ...
Aug 05, 2007

Run Your Best When It Counts- Learn How to Peak

by elgerdh
Peaking for a big race is a matter of properly balancing a drop in miles while maintaining or even increasing intensity of training in the days leading up to your event.   Using the correct tapering protocol is one key to a successful peak performance on race day. According to a study carried out at E. Caroling University as described by Owen Anderson in Peak Performance, experienced runners tapered for a 5K by runn ...
Aug 04, 2007

Self Myo-facial Release for Runners

by elgerdh
Anybody training for a marathon would benefit from a technique called self-myofacial release.  The tissue called ffascia that surrounds and connects to muscle is  traumatized by running, particularly after long runs, leading to inflammation and painful trigger points.  If ignored, trigger points could eventually result in impaired muscle function, tightness, decreased circulation, weakness, and delayed muscle recovery.&nb ...


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