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Personal decision sprint spikes vs distance spikes ? Forum Index -> Gear and Armor

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PostPosted: 08/11/10 - 07:37    Post subject: Personal decision sprint spikes vs distance spikes ?
Im a teenage 100m runner with times averaging around mid eleven seconds but instead of running solely on my toes as sprinters traditionally do I tend to run slightly flat-footed, ive been told by my coach and a number of pro athletes that I need to change my technique when it comes to sprinting if I want to improve.
But to my question, I find that distance spikes, force you to run less on your toes and are slightly more flexible suiting my style more than the sprinter spikes, my current spikes are Nike Rival D IV, suited ideally for 800 - 5000.
Should I purchase sprint spikes and adjust which could improve me in the future or could not, or stick with my distance spikes and run naturally ?
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