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New runner- 1st 10K... need some reassurance Forum Index -> Starting Line

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What is a more important focus for a new runner?
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PostPosted: 02/22/12 - 14:41    Post subject: New runner- 1st 10K... need some reassurance
Hi All,
Im new to the forum and new to running as well. I started running in October and was of the school "I dont run unless something is chasing me" Very Happy Now... i am a running addict. I can only run three days a week and usually run 3-5 miles at a time. The longest distance for me was 6 miles. My question is, am I focused on the wrong thing. I am not totally concerned with time as much as endurance at this point. I run a 10 min/mile. Im ok with that for now. I will be doign my first 10K on saturday and have no intentions of "racing". I'd like to keep my pace but I am not striving for any faster at this point.

When you begin running, should pace be a concern or is it more important to run longer distances- and worry about pace later?
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