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Hyperventilation syndrome by long distance runners Forum Index -> Health and Wellness

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PostPosted: 01/10/08 - 05:16    Post subject:
I run several miles every day. Although I am able to run marathon I have been experiencing chest discomfort and cough on exercise. It usually happens when I run longer distances. They were attributed to asthma, but testing the doctor made failed to confirm that diagnosis. I was afraid that I have a serious lung disease. Is it possible that I reach my anaerobic thresholds earlier, which leads to hyperventilation and the sensation of chest discomfort?
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PostPosted: 02/24/08 - 18:19    Post subject:
The fact that you could run a marathon and run several miles a day is strong evidence against you having serious heart or lung disease. First you have to do is to undergo a pulmonary function tests (PFTs). You have to be sure there are no health problems causing your shortness of breath. If everything is OK you should talk with your doctor about the possibility of hyperventilation with or without panic.
Hyperventilation is a symptom not a syndrome. Many different things can cause it, including a variety of brain and respiratory problems. The acid-base balance and the electrolyte balance in your body are changed by hyperventilation. Hyperventilation is usually related to a condition called panic disorder. Although it sounds very bad people who suffer from it do not always experience panic-type feelings. It is possible that it is a disorder of the part of your brain that controls your breathing. Over exertion during the long races may have some influence on it. However the exact relation between the two of them remains yet to be proved.
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