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How to deal heat and humidity? Forum Index -> Mid-Packers

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PostPosted: 12/16/07 - 03:04    Post subject:
I don’t know how to deal with heat and humidity. They’re killing me! I can hardly sit and walk, let alone run. What do you do to ameliorate the effects of these unpleasant weather conditions? It’s actually not so much the heat that I mind, but humidity. I feel as if I were sweating on the inside. When do you train in such circumstances?
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PostPosted: 01/08/08 - 23:09    Post subject:
If weather conditions are too extreme I make a pause and don’t train because not only because my performance is quite miserable but also because I think that can only damage my health. The most important thing is hydrating and you should drink enough water and some of those sports drinks in order to replenish your body and increase the amount of electrolytes. I also avoid training during the day. I run early in the morning or later in the evening. The heat is gone then, and humidity is bearable. You should also eat only light foods and avoid too much fat. I also think that you should take care about the level of sugar n your blood in such weather conditions.
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