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How quick is too quick to lose weight? Forum Index -> Nutrition & Beverages

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PostPosted: 02/13/12 - 15:49    Post subject: How quick is too quick to lose weight?
Question. Got myself waaay out of shape. 5'6" 250, as of 2 weeks ago, anyway. Decided to change my diet, cut out soda, and today was first run in years. On scale this morning, I'm 235. I'm sure it will slow down, but how long can I expect the lbs to fall off so fast? Want to hit 200 by April 10th. (birthday gift for myself)
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PostPosted: 02/13/12 - 19:50    Post subject:
I am not any kind of medical professional so please treat this advice with caution...I thought that you were only meant to aim to lose 5% of your bodyweight in a 3 month period? I always thought that it was best to concentrate on eating healthily instead of solely on weight loss as well..

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