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Front shin and foot pain... help! Forum Index -> Health and Wellness

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PostPosted: 10/25/08 - 04:54    Post subject: Front shin and foot pain... help!

I have been suffering from front lower leg pain for nearly 3 years and cannot get it to go away. I have tried everything possible to sort this out so am looking for some further advice. I am a very keen sportsman and am in good health. I play rugby and squash competitively and try to run or cycle a bit to keep my fitness up. Generally I find it hard to push myself and improve my fitness any more because I can feel injury coming on in the first 30 mins or so and generally realise that I should stop.

The problem started when I used to walk a lot. I used to get pain down the front of my shins on both sides of the bone… I obviously tried to rest it, applied RICE and the problem did slowly get better. However I still sometimes get slight pain down the front of my shins on both sides. I have also been to a podiatrist and tried some custom made insoles, which have had a slightly better effect but not removed the problem completely yet. The evaluation of the podiatrist was that I had a flat arch at standing but a high arch when running and tt it was probably an impact injury that was causing pain down my shin bone…

I have quite heavy feet and my heel does take a lot of impact, but I am not sure if that is the problem. I have used both gel and custom made insoles and I still seem to have some trouble, although it takes longer to arise. Currently the pain / feeling of strain is around my Anterior Talofibular and Anterior Tibiofibular ligaments and there is a slight pain down the outside of my shin. If I pull my foot towards my shin I get pain on the front of the ankle / shin joint and can feel the muscles tensing and straining. One of the problems that has never really gone away is that I can easily cramp the sole of my foot by bending my toes down. The majority of the cramping seems to be towards the heel but I also have some pain and bruising around my arch and up the inside of my foot.

So generally as you can see there could be a few problems here, but I am struggling to get it resolved. My feet, ankles and shins are always very tight and find it very hard to relax at all. It is always lower leg / foot problems and I have never had a problem anywhere else. I always stretch before sport and am a pretty flexible person. My next attempt of fixing this will be to again rest and then try to strengthen my front shin muscles as I have quite strong calves and have never had a problem with them.

If you have any advice that could help it would be much appreciated.


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