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PostPosted: 09/13/03 - 09:11    Post subject: For our friends in Madison
Thought you guys would like this Sports Ill. article. Almost made me want to move to Madison....
Master of Prissface
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PostPosted: 09/13/03 - 09:28    Post subject:
What a great article!! Thanks, Katz!!

I fell in love with Madison the first time I went there (separate of all the wonderful Riff Raffers I met that day). It really is a great city that seems to combine the best of city life with small town hominess (and great microbreweries!) I'd move there tomorrow and may still, if I can ever figure out what the F*** I want to do with the rest of my life.

Rando took TreKay, the fam and I on a driving tour of the U of W campus and it is absolutely beautiful! My disposable camera wasn't really big enough to capture the beauty of the view overlooking the lake from one of the highest points on campus, and there were many runners taking advantage of the weather the day we drove through. If that's not enough, there's a path that goes all the way around the lake, which I believe was part of several of the Mad City race courses, that is just breathtaking. I would run every single day if I lived there. Brats just don't taste as good anywhere else but there either.

Scuse' me while I go pack now.....
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PostPosted: 09/13/03 - 11:10    Post subject:
Defintely a place I want to visit, they forget to mention all of the hella cool people that live there too.
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