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purple hayes
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PostPosted: 11/11/03 - 09:43    Post subject: Duathlon :: Where to improve?
So I've set one of my goals for 2004. It's to pick up an age group award in a duathlon with at least 200 people racing. I managed to pick up a 2nd place AG award in a race of just over 100 people, but only got 5th in my AG when I raced in a du a few weeks ago that had just over 200 people racing.

My age group winner for that 200+ people race finished just under 1:10 and I finished @ 1:15.

If the first run was @ a 7:00 pace, the 2nd run was at a 7:30 pace and the bike was at a 20 MPH pace, where is my biggest weakness? Where can I improve the most to knock ~5 minutes off my time?

I seem to excel at the 2nd run in the 3 duathlons I've done so far, passing many more people than are passing me. Even though my pace is usually slower, I seem to be strongest there.

Suggestions? Criticisms?
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PostPosted: 11/11/03 - 14:44    Post subject:
It will most likely come from a combination of things.

Transitions. Free time. Get speek laces for your shoes so you don't have to tie them. set up a transition and practice.

Bike: For a race of that distance your bike will have to be at least 23 mph to place. Build a solid base then intervals and tempo work next spring

Run: lots of bricks (1 a week in the spring). Also, track work after the base period next year.

Rest: you will have lots of intense workouts that you will have to balance with rest to get stronger.
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