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Driver's knee? Forum Index -> Health and Wellness

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Hipster Doofus
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PostPosted: 10/21/03 - 14:08    Post subject: Driver's knee?
Throwing this out for any ideas...

When we travel, we drive. If it's a drive of several days, and long hours behind the wheel each day (such as to go see our son at college), my right knee is really sore for a couple days after the driving's over, as if everything is tight. Stretching doesn't help it, only time. Running is doable but not comfortable.

Anyone else experience this? If you have (or still do), how did (do you) deal with it? For the record: 1) It doesn't matter if I drive or not. 2) Have adjusted the seat (car, not mine) to all possible postitions. 3) I won't fly. 4) Never had any sort of foot/leg/knee/hip injury in my life.

All thoughts on this appreciated!
Running Brewer
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PostPosted: 10/21/03 - 14:16    Post subject:
here are a couple of things to look at. It is possible that you are "knotting" up and the pain in your knee is actually referred from somewhere else.

At site on LDLS

I would definitely recommend checking out the julstro site. I have used this method with great sucess and I believe a couple of other people here have too.

Good luck!
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PostPosted: 10/21/03 - 15:08    Post subject:
I get the same thing, but only when I drive(at least I haven't been a passenger for a long ride in a while). I think it has something to do with the way I kinda rotate my right leg when I drive, but I really don't know. It's always just my right knee. It doesn't feel like I'm sore, but like the joint is stiff. Mine usually goes away within an hour of walking around after a long drive.
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