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PostPosted: 06/11/04 - 14:11    Post subject: Cancer and Lemonade
Most of you do not know but i got my start with endurance thru the Luekemia Society of America. It is thru them that i have become the athletic junkie i am today. I did not join because of a family member, thankfully no one close to me had had this disease. But being in a hospital setting i saw many people with it, in varying stages. for that and the fact that it was a win win situation i joined the TEAM. Boy was i shocked to see and hear the stories of everyone else's reason. Iwas more than lucky i was fortunate i had no close connections. Many of my friends are still involved in the LSA, to include Miss Steph. this weekend at th very least, drink some lemon-ade

Alex's Lemonade Stand

The Downtown Festival is June 12th and located on the outskirts of Centennial park, along Broad, Walton and Luckie Streets. The Festival hours are from 11-7 on Saturday. All the money will go to childhood cancer research.

Alex Scott is an 8 year old with neuroblastoma (same cancer Brandon had). She was diagnosed 2 days before her first birthday and, for the last seven years (virtually this child’s whole life), she has been actively fighting this disease – chemo, radiation, surgeries, bone marrow transplants – it goes on and on. She has never been in remission.

When Alex was 4 years old, she decided that she would find a cure for childhood cancer – or at least raise the money to support someone else’s work in finding a cure. So she held a lemonade stand in her front yard. Her parents worried that she’d be disappointed with the few dollars she’d earn. But, in 2000, at her first lemonade stand, Alex raised more than $2,000! This was just the beginning.

In the 4 years since her first stand, Alex has raised over $200,000 for childhood cancer research. She has become an inspiration – a hero – to many, including me. Alex and her lemonade stand have been featured on The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, Time Magazine, People, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, The John Walsh Show, Fox News, Good Housekeeping and many local and regional newspapers, television stations and magazines. She has also won a number of awards. Needless to say, she has touched and awakened many hearts.

Alex has a new dream. This year on June 12, there will be at least one “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” held in every single state (right now, the number of stands that will be held nationwide exceeds 250!). Alex’s goal is to raise $1 million. Alex was on the Today Show on Friday and Oprah on Monday. The CBS Early Show will air a story probably Tues, June 15 and will include the Atlanta stand in its coverage.

When Alex’s parents wrote to me several months ago and asked if I would host the Georgia stand, I did not hesitate. Of course I will do it…for Alex, because this is her dream. It struck me that most 8 year olds are dreaming about things like the pool opening soon, an upcoming baseball game, or whatever it is 8 year olds dream about. Alex, on the other hand, is dreaming about a cure for childhood cancer.

So, I , along with many others, will hold Georgia's Alex’s Lemonade Stand on June 12, and do it enthusiastically and with the pride in my heart that I feel for Alex and her family. I am sad to say that Alex’s disease has begun to progress over the last few months, and it is more important than ever that her dream is fulfilled – now.

My goal for this stand is simple – While the money is important, for me, this is all about showing this brave little girl and her family how much she is loved nationwide and to make her last dream come true.

To read more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, go to To follow Alex’s progress in her fight against childhood cancer, go to
to find your local stand...
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PostPosted: 06/11/04 - 14:29    Post subject:
I LOVE lemonade. I really like pink lemoade also! Count me in, I'm a regular.
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PostPosted: 06/12/04 - 09:41    Post subject:
Alex lives about 5 or 6 miles away from me. You can bet I'm going to find a stand today. She is one unbelievable little girl.
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