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PostPosted: 02/03/08 - 07:14    Post subject:
I want to improve my fitness and overall health. I also want to shed a few pounds. Some friends suggested that I should engage in some kind of physical activity. Riding a bike seems OK to me. They say that I have to burn some calories. How can I burn calories on bike? Any suggestion is welcome.
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PostPosted: 03/18/08 - 18:07    Post subject:
Your friends are right. In order to lose fat you either have to burn more calories than you eat or ingest less of them than needed on a daily basis. Either way you have to create a caloric deficit. Riding bike can be a good way to burn more calories. You have to ride at least one hour a day to produce some results. Riding longer can burn even more calories. Also once or twice a week you can do high intensity intervals. They are a good way to boost your metabolism and turn it into fat burning machine.
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