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Breathing Exercises for bike riders? Forum Index -> Stretch, Strength & Workouts

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PostPosted: 09/19/07 - 03:02    Post subject:
Cycling is really a great sport. I’ve taken it up a few months ago and I already feel better both physically and psychologically. The only problem I have is that I tend to exhaust very quickly and I concluded that this might be because I don’t breathe correctly. Can you tell me a few useful exercises for bike riders? Thanks in advance!
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PostPosted: 10/17/07 - 23:56    Post subject:
As for any sports activity, breathing is very important for cycling. When I started cycling and still didn’t know the ropes, I suffered from dizziness very often. At first I was afraid, but then I realized it was because of the incorrect breathing pattern. My brain didn’t get enough oxygen and I felt bad. There are some very basic exercises, such as deep breathing and holding your breath like swimmers do in order to increase the capacity of their lungs. There are several suggestions that you can follow and increase your performance. For example, always exhale as much as possible. During an exhale count to three and let it be the rhythm. Your breathing should be deep and more from the belly. And always keep the same rhythm of your breathing.
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