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Answer my short questionnaire about internet censorship (please guys/gals) Forum Index -> Riff-Raff Hang Out

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PostPosted: 03/24/09 - 04:33    Post subject: Answer my short questionnaire about internet censorship (ple
Hey guys, I have to do a survey regarding internet censorship for a course I am doing, and figured since I heard everyone here is so cool, that it might be a good place to try Razz


1. Are you For/Against/Don't Care internet censorship?

2. Why?

3. What does "internet censorship" mean to you?

4. Reasons for internet censorship?

5. Reasons against internet censorship?

6. Are you aware that Youtube has been caught modifying video view counts to decide what material shows up under "most viewed" videos?

7. A/S/L? (Don't have to answer this one, but helps when i'm analysing results).

8. What forms of internet censorship are you aware of?

9. Has internet censorship had an effect on your life?

10. Feel free to leave any other comments regarding internet censorship that you think of...
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