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Albuquerque HHH, Thurs, 18 May Forum Index -> RunningForums Hash House Harriers

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Capt Kirk
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PostPosted: 05/24/06 - 12:40    Post subject: Albuquerque HHH, Thurs, 18 May
Albuquerque, NM HHH
18 May, 7:00 PM
Hares: Vanilla Gorilla & Ms Filth

There I was, on a business trip to ABQ, (TDY for us military folk) sitting in my room, wondering what I'm going to do a Thursday night.

Then it hit me, "Why not go and run a hash?!?!?" Well, the good folks at the ABQ HHH just so happened to have a regularly scheduled hash.

Trail started at the Bataan Death March Memorial Park. (Was that an indicator of things to come?...) Much of the trail was prelaid by the stingy hares (I mean really, how much does chalk and flour cost anyway?!?)

There were two great BNs, one at Kellys on Central/Rt 66 (I got my kicks!!!) and the other in some dark park somewhere. BTW, Kelly's is a brewpub that has an awesome beer selection! Circle was at Vanilla Gorilla & Ms Filth house. We were told to "keep it down" by the neighbors because of babies or some such nonsense.

Met a lot of neat folks. A bunch of us military types were visiting ABQ from other bases and we also had a lot of virgins. (Great meeting Beaver Receiver from GA and the virgins she brought. Thanks for the ride home!)

On-After was at Gecko's on Central. A great little pub with good food.

NASCOCK called and got called from Horny Again who was at the Sin-City (Cincy, OH)


ABQ HHH Runs first Saturdays and third Thursdays

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Puppy Love!
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PostPosted: 05/24/06 - 13:31    Post subject:
I know Beaver Receiver from GA!!! She was at a Licking Valley hash that I hared!! She is a friend of Elvis's.... That is so funny!

Sounds like a good hash.

I need to write some trash on the more recent hashes of late i.e. Dayton 743rd.


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