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Advice on carbohydrate supplements Forum Index -> Nutrition & Beverages

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Joined: 28 Jan 2004
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PostPosted: 10/03/07 - 01:29    Post subject:
Do you think it’s smart to take carbohydrate supplements? I have to boost up my muscles and improve my strength for an upcoming amateur cycling race and a friend suggested me these carb supplements. I know that there have been certain discussions about how unhealthy they are. What is your opinion? I don’t like any supplements, but I’m still not prepared for the race.
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Joined: 24 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: 11/04/07 - 23:18    Post subject:
Listen pal, I have no idea are those carb supplements healthy or not, but generally speaking I’m strongly opposed to any kind of supplements given to athletes in order to improve their performance. That has become a widespread tactics. But that can be very dangerous when it gets out of hand. And sometimes we don’t know what the ingredients of those supplements are and what health effects they can cause. But I’ve noticed this epidemic of supplement consumption and that scares me, since children are sometimes give to improve their sports performance. That is way too much in my opinion. So, stay out of them because it’s not that naïve. You can take everything your body needs through natural food.
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