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PostPosted: 09/17/06 - 09:27    Post subject: AH4 hash HOBO Kroger
so i skated over a few miles to the HoBo Kroger, there really was a hobo there i think i saw his face come across my fax on thursday for Theft of medical office supplies

the trail was not dog friendly so i figured it was not skate freindly either. yeah it was n't velco friendly either as i pulled 2 quadrillion burred seeds off my knee brace Mad

so up, overpass ramps, along rails, dodging traffic and even going underground into a water/creek tunnel. loads of fun.

i got called out for being a racist. a slip of the tounge not clothes. and i got picked in the lottery for extra down-downs.

went to the on-after at a local place. i was so local i walked home....skating with burred socks in my skates just did not sound like fun.

then i Dialed HA Mr. Green
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