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6th BFE Hash, Pike’s Peak H4 / Colorado Kimchi H3, 2-4 Jun Forum Index -> RunningForums Hash House Harriers

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Capt Kirk
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PostPosted: 06/06/06 - 10:04    Post subject: 6th BFE Hash, Pike’s Peak H4 / Colorado Kimchi H3, 2-4 Jun
6th BFE Hash, Pike’s Peak HHHH / Colorado Kimchi HHH
What: BFE Hash: “Show me on the Teddy Ruxpin where the KIMCHEE touched you…”
Where: The middle of BFE “Damn near phity miles outside of town…” at the On-On Ranch
When: 2,3,4 Jun 06
Hares, Host and Hostess: Lip Lock Me and Humidor

(P.S. For the Dayton/Sin City crowd, Colorado Kimchi is the equivalent of DECOC...)

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster--this is our 6th one of these things!!!

Two things that go great together: Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Harrierettes and Beer…
NASCOCK and Sharp Knives...yeah, not so much……but we’ll save that for the last…

Are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet..???? After driving for about an hour, I finally got to the “On-On Ranch.” Thanks to Lip Lock Me and Humidor for the use of their vast acreage out in the middle of (say it with me…) B. F. E.!!!

I missed Friday’s festivities but I heard that people passed out even before the end of business day on Friday. Saturday was cool, (no actually it was kinda warm, but the beer was cold,) and the Colorado Kimchee had a full bar of “spirituous beverages,” the Beer Pong table, and a CD with Wham!s “Careless Whisper”

We ran the obligatory, I mean compulsory, I mean mandatory, I mean loads-of-fun shi__y trail, but somehow the hares forget the leave beer at the BN. OK, so we were in sight of the On-In, but.... We had fun in circle with lots of fun songs I hadn’t heard before. A couple of new virgins, including a tall, spicy-thing that Bloody-Z brought and a virgin-dude the CKH3 brought that passed out even before the hash started (a hasher at heart!!!)

After circle, the games began, including beer pong and flippy-cup. I have a new favorite hash game!!! Lip-Lock Me and Humidor provided great food, and there was even watermelon…which brings me to MY issue (‘cause its all ‘bout me…)

If it seems that you’re taking a little longer to read this trash, it’s because I’m typing this with one hand. I managed to cut my hand trying to cut watermelon, but I have to thank all the folks who provided medical care, medical advice, words of sympathy, and the obligatory, “you dumbass.”

So, since I didn’t get to stay for mid-night naked, could someone please post a little run-down of what happened, better still, post pictures!!!

One of these days I’m going to learn my fellow hasher names but until, you know who I mean!!!

Your drafted On-Sec
Puppy Love!
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PostPosted: 06/06/06 - 11:16    Post subject:

sounds like fun!

One month and one week and counting!!!!

DECOC.... here we come.
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