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2 miles under 14 minutes Forum Index -> Starting Line

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Joined: 16 Jun 2011
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Location: Newport, RI
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PostPosted: 06/16/11 - 21:56    Post subject: 2 miles under 14 minutes
Hello I am a student in a boarding school in Newport, RI

My goal over this summer is to be able to run 2miles under 14minutes so that I can make the varsity soccer team in my school.

However, this task is not easy at all.

I come around 18 minutes for 2miles

I have around 3months from now till the try-outs

Can I just get some tips on this and also tips about how to not hurt myself while doing this?
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PostPosted: 06/26/11 - 13:33    Post subject:
You should try to incorporate some interval sessions into your routine to improve your speed and endurance. The idea is that you run at your target pace for a minute before jogging for a minute and repeating. As the weeks go on you need to reduce the amount of rest time in-between each rep and before long you will feel the benefits when you run your race simulations.

Sub 14hour ironMan Tri (Bolton - 31st July 11)
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