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Running Project Concepts
Hi, I posted on here a while back looking for information to help me with my uni project- 'Raising Outdoors Awareness of Runners While Listening to Music'. I have came up with a few concept ideas and was wondering if I could get the forums opinions on them? Concept 1- Involves light se ...

Running Aid
Hi, I'm a 4th year Product Design and Innovation student, I'm currently working on a project to develop a running aid for joggers/runners and was wondering if I could get some feedback from this forum. I'm looking to develop a product which can be used during the training routine of a runner focusin ...


New Forum system is up!
Dear Forum Members, New forum layout is on. We hope that you like how it looks. All basic forum functions are the same, creating new threads, posting, PMs, etc. New software is featuring few interesting modules: articles module, directory module, newsletter. New advanced site search engine is on th ...

New features: Articles
From now one, members will be able to write diverse articles related to running and similar topics. Members with writing skills can apply for article writer permissions. There’s a backend system specially designed for article writing. All instructions on how to use the article engi ...

Running Related Forums
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First time runner, stuck in the middle or want to find a good location or run mate? Check forums dedicated to real runners and join discussion.
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Off-Topic Forums
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Forums for casual discussion and useful reviews
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Non-Running Related Forums
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Do you like other sports besides running, like swimming and cycling? Got some triathlon tips to share? Post them here.
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Health & Nutrition Forums
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Proper nutrition and good health are important parts of every sport activity. How to prevent and solve health issues? How much calories and hydration you need? Find out inside...
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Suggestion Box/Forum Announcements
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Got questions to ask or maybe have suggestions for forum improvements? This is the right place to post them.
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This is not a dumping ground, yet place of forum memories.
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